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      Free Christmas holiday craft projects. You will find lots of unique holiday items to create here. Kids crafts too. Some are easy, some are more challenging, and all are fun. Get creative with these arts and crafts ideas. Enjoy!

      Personalized Christmas Stockings


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      3 Tier Beaded Flower
      This lovely beaded flower would make an ideal Christmas gift. This easy-medium difficulty bead weaving project is great for any occasion.
      A Snowball Fight
      Create this cute winter pal with your mismatched children's gloves. Much like our Snow Folks, all you will need is gloves, wooden balls, and ...
      Acorn Snowman
      This little fellow is perfect for hanging on the tree, or as a gift topper. Gather up your extra acorns and make a few today! Give away as g ...
      Adult Flip Flop Slippers
      Crochet a pair of flip flop slippers to enjoy for yourself or for a friend!
      Advent Cones
      These pretty cones make a wonderful vintage looking advent calendar that will bring compliments from all your guests.
      Angel Cross Stitch
      This pretty cross stitch pattern would make a perfect gift. Whether you make a framed cross stitch or turn it into a pillow, or find some ot ...
      Angel Dishcloth Pattern
      Try this crochet pattern to brighten up your kitchen for the holidays!
      Angry Birds - Black Bird
      Do you love Angry Birds as much as the rest of the world? Crochet one of our FREE Angry Birds Patterns today for your angry bird lovers!
      Angry Birds - Blue Bird
      Crocheted Angry Birds toys are a lot of fun to make! The kids love these. Our birds were made from Caron brand yarn and measure about 5 inch ...
      Angry Birds - Red Bird
      Angry Birds are fun to crochet and very popular item. The kids will love these!.
      Angry Birds Crochet Pattern
      This fun and simple Angry Birds Red Cardinal crochet pattern from the popular Angry Birds Game would make a perfect gift for any Holiday or ...
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