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      Valentine's Day

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      Most Recent Projects

      Crafty Creations

      Valentine's Day Projects - Fun and Free Valentine crafts to make here. A free project for every skill level and easy ones for kids too. Unleash your creativity with our free Valentine's arts and crafts for everyone. Enjoy!

      Free Valentine's Day Crafts. Craft Projects for kids and adults.

      Valentine's Day

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      3D Paper Heart Ornament
      This three dimension heart is a fun project that would look lovely hanging from the ceiling. Make several to decorate for a party!
      Angry Birds Hat - Red Bird
      This Angry Birds Hat would make a great gift for the Holiday Season! This is a popular pattern was requested so I am Happy to oblige. Measur ...
      Angry Birds Pig Crochet
      This crochet pattern goes with the Angry Birds Red Cardinal pattern and would make a great gift for kids' birthdays or Father's Day!
      Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow
      Sew an Anthro Inspired Heart Pillow with the free tutorial from Hearts and Sharts!
      Baby Sweetheart Beanie
      This cute little beanie is perfect for Spring! It is a quick and easy pattern that will take no time at all to make and if you don't have a ...
      Be My Valentine
      Great cross stitch design For Valentinea€?s Day! It Measures at 6.71 x 3.14 inches and is 94 x 44 stitches. It looks great in a 5 x 7 ...
      Bow Making
      This lesson outlines how to make a bow in eight steps.
      Cabled Earflap Hat
      Create a knitted earflap hat for winter; especially for outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, or sledding.
      Candy Heart Sachet
      Valentine Craft Projects - Candy Heart Sachet Copyright Craftown.com 2010 - Al ...
      Candy Sundae
          Free Craft Projects - Candy Sundae   Copyright © 2007-2008 Incredible Edible Crafts. This delightful craft p ...
      Chameleon Hat
      Crochet a Chameleon Hat with the free pattern from Pattern Paradise!
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