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      Most Recent Projects

      Crafty Creations

      Quilting Patterns and Blocks - Get creative with these unique quilting projects. There are items here for beginners and expert quilters. Browse the great variety of quilts, squares and more. Enjoy!


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      Acorn for Paper Piecing
          Quilting Patterns - Acorn for Paper Piecing   This wonderful paper piecing acorn pattern was Kindly Contributed by Design ...
      Appliqued Cat Quilt
      Free Quilting Patterns - Appliqued Cat Quilt Things you ...
      Appliqued Chestnut Leaf
      Free Quilting Patterns - Appliquéd Chestnut Leaf This wonderful paper piecing acorn pattern was Kindly Contributed by Designer: Claud ...
      Baby Coverlet
      Quilting Patterns - Baby Coverlet You will most likely find all the supplies you need for ...
      Bandana Quilt
      Free Quilting Patterns - Bandana Quilt Size: About 72" by 96&q ...
      Buttoned Envelope Pillow Case
      Sew a Buttoned Envelope Pillow Case with the free tutorial from Delia Creates!
      Cherry Basket Quilt Block Pattern
      Sew a cherry basket quilt block with the free pattern from Craftside!
      Christmas Napkins
      These cute Christmas napkins are so simple and easy to make! The perfect addition to your holiday table this year.
      Contribute A Craft
      Please Share With Our Community of Crafters! We are so thankful for all of our crafty designers and visitors who have taken a few moments fr ...
      Crazy Patch Christmas Stocking
      Christmas wouldna€?t be Christmas without your favorite stocking a€?hung by the chimney with carea€?. Add a little spice to tha ...
      Diagonal Strips
      Free Quilting Patterns - Diagonal Strips This lovely quilt project was kindly con ...
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