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      Knitting - Free Knitting Patterns

      You will find lots of free knitting patterns to choose from here; holidays, knit clothing, accessories, kitchen and home decor, afghans, throws, baby and toddler clothes, doilies, beaded knitting patterns and more. Enjoy!


      Afghans and Throws
      Free knitting patterns for: Afghans and Throws
      Your kiddo will look adorable bundled up in one of these knit clothing craft projects.
      Holiday Knit patterns
      Miscellaneous Knitting Crafts
      Various knit craft projects that don't have a category of their own.
      Special Categories
      Special Knit patterns and categories.

      Knitting - Free Knitting Patterns

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      3 in 1 Scarf
      Knit a 3 in 1 Scarf with the free pattern from Monster Yarns!
      Accordion Cowl
      Knit a quirky according cowl with the free pattern from Cornflower Blue Studio!
      Adult Quick Knit Booties
      Image: courtesy of our friend leah152 from Ravelry.com. Free Knitting Patterns - Adult Knit Booties This much sought after pattern w ...
      Arm Knit Childs Cowl
      Create an Arm Knit Childs Cowl with the free tutorial from Aesthetic Nest!
      Arm Knit Infinity Scarf
      Knit an Arm Knit Infinity Scarf with the free tutorial from The Kurtz Corner!
      Baby Bunting Knit Pattern
      Create a sweet knitted baby bunting with our free knitting pattern.
      Baby Candy Cane Hat
      Knit a Baby Candy Cane Hat with the free pattern from Alaska Knit Nat!
      Baby Cardigan
      Whether you are expecting a baby of your own, or maybe just in need of a unique shower gift, this knitted infant cardigan is sweet little number.
      Back To School Socks
      Knit a pair of back-to-school socks with our new free pattern!
      Back-to-School Book Bag
      Knit a back-to-school book bag and head back to class in style!
      Basket Weave Baby Blanket and Sweater
      Create a pretty baby blanket and sweater set with our free basket weave knitting pattern.
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