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      Halloween Crafts


      Free Halloween Crafts Creative Holiday Craft Projects

      So many to choose from. Fun Halloween crafts, ideas and resources for kids of all ages.

      Halloween Crafts

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      2x4 Pumpkins
      Create a 2x4 pumpkins with the free tutorial from Sassy Sanctuary!
      Angry Birds - Black Bird
      Do you love Angry Birds as much as the rest of the world? Crochet one of our FREE Angry Birds Patterns today for your angry bird lovers!
      Angry Birds - Blue Bird
      Crocheted Angry Birds toys are a lot of fun to make! The kids love these. Our birds were made from Caron brand yarn and measure about 5 inch ...
      Angry Birds Crochet Pattern
      This fun and simple Angry Birds Red Cardinal crochet pattern from the popular Angry Birds Game would make a perfect gift for any Holiday or ...
      Angry Birds Hat - Black Bird
      Fun! Great Presents to give this holiday season and even all year round. This one fits up to a 20 inch head.
      Angry Birds Hat - Blue Bird
      These hats are very popular! Make one for your friends! This one fits up to a 20 inch head. You are going to love it.
      Angry Birds Hat - King Pig
      These Angry Birds hats are very popular! Make one for your friends! This one fits up to a 20 inch head. You are going to love it.
      Angry Birds Hat - Red Bird
      This Angry Birds Hat would make a great gift for the Holiday Season! This is a popular pattern was requested so I am Happy to oblige. Measur ...
      Angry Birds King Pig
      Angry Birds are a lot of fun to make and a very popular item.
      Ask Your Mummy Treat Holder
      This is a really fun way to ration the sweets on Halloween. Make this simple mummy treat holder out of an empty potato chip canister and lab ...
      Autumn Gnomes
      Create adorable autumn gnomes with the free tutorial from The Magic Onions!
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