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      How To Crochet

      How To Crochet
      Easy Crocheting Lessons
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      Step 1: Getting Started

      Crocheting Instructions

      Are you interested in taking up crochet?  Crochet is an enjoyable hobby, which almost anyone can learn in a small amount of time.  With dedication and practice, you can learn to crochet beautiful stitches and create your own handmade items, to keep and enjoy or to give as gifts.  Crochet is becoming very popular and so many new patterns for fun, whimsical and practical items are being posted to the internet every day. 

      Some of the items you can create with crochet include: coasters, place mats, napkins, wash cloths, kitchen accents, baby clothes, kids' clothes, and adult apparel and accessories.  You can crochet everything from hats, scarves, and slippers to pot scrubbers, towels, and burp cloths.  If you can imagine it, you can crochet it!  Unleash your creativity!

      Here are your free & easy, how-to crochet instructions including illustrations and abbreviations in English, Spanish and French.

      Let's get started!

      Foundation Chain

      1. Make a slip knot on hook, hold in the right hand. Thread yarn over left ring finger, under middle, and over index fingers, holding short end between the thumb and middle finger.

      Foundation Chain

      2. Pass hook under and over yarn and draw it through loop on hook. Repeat for as many stitches as the directions specify.

      Single Crochet........sc = single crochet

      Step 2: The Next Step

      3. Insert hook into second stitch from hook, under the two upper strands.

      4. Pass hook under and over yarn and draw it through the stitch.

      5. Pass hook under and over yarn again and draw it through the two loops on hook.

      Half Double Crochet......hdc=half double crochet

      6. With yarn over needle, insert hook into third chain, under the two upper strands. Draw up a loop.

      7. Yarn over hook. Draw through the 3 loops, completing the half double crochet.

      Double Crochet......dc=double crochet

      8. Pass hook under and over yarn, insert hook into the fourth stitch from hook, under the two upper strands.

      Step 3: The Next Step

      9. Pass hook under and over yarn and draw it through the stitch, then pass hook under and over yarn again. Draw yarn through the first two loops on hook. Pass hook under and over yarn again and draw it through remaining two loops on hook.

      Treble Crochet

      wpe563.jpg (2607 bytes)

      10. Pass hook under and over yarn twice, insert hook into the fifth stitch from hook, under the two upper strands.

      wpe564.jpg (2967 bytes)

      11.Pass hook under and over yarn and draw it through the stitch. * Pass hook under and over yarn and draw through two loops, repeat from * twice more.

      Afghan Crochet

      wpe565.jpg (2710 bytes)

      12. Using an afghan hook, make a chain the desired length. Insert hook in second stitch from hook, draw up a loop.

      wpe566.jpg (2735 bytes)

      Step 4: Finishing Up

      13. Keeping all loops on hook, draw up a loop in each chain stitch.

      wpe567.jpg (2793 bytes)

      14. To work off loops, pass yarn under and over hook and draw through first loop.

      wpe568.jpg (2629 bytes)

      15. * Pass yarn under and over hook, draw through two loops, repeat from *

      wpe569.jpg (3507 bytes)

      16. One loop remains, to count as first stitch of next row.

      wpe56A.jpg (5788 bytes)

      17. * Insert hook under next vertical bar and draw up a loop, repeat from * across. Work off loops same as before.

      Practice these basic crochet until you have a comfortable tension in your work. Then try a simple crochet pattern. If you are happy with the results of your trial pattern you will then be ready to try a more advanced project. Happy Crocheting

      Crochet Abbreviations

      Term English Espanola Francais sc single crochet crochet sencillo simple crochet dc double crochet crochet doble double crochet inc increase aumentar augmenter dec decrease menguar diminuer tog together junto ensemble hdc half double crochet medio crochet doble demi double crochet tr treble or triple crochet crochet treble treble crochet yo yarn over pasar estambre por arriba agujar passez la maille par desssus l'aiguille dp double point aguja de dos puntas aiguille a deux bouts beg beginning lp(s) loop(s) sk skip rep repeat rnd round sl st slip stitch

      ( * = repeat following instructions a given number of times.)

      Needle conversion charts - Click Here

      Go to our Free Crochet Patterns Page


      About The Author

      Esther Leavitt is a pattern designer and craft editor for Craftown.com.  About herself she says "Crafts are a way for me to unwind but at the same time keep my hands busy so I don't go crazy."  She is also the owner and proprietor of Crafts by Starlight