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      Crochet - Free Crochet Patterns

      Lots of unique, free crocheted items to choose from. Holidays, clothing, accessories, kitchen and home decor, afghans, throws, squares, baby clothes, doilies, bead patterns and more.


      Afghans and Throws
      Free crochet patterns for Afghans and Throws.
      Baby Crochet & Knitting Patterns
      Baby Clothes & Blankets for you to make. Preemie and toddler projects too. Get creative today with one of these unique needlework ideas.
      Bags & Purses
      High quality crochet bags and purses.
      Beaded Crafts
      Great beading projects for you to make and enjoy!
      Christmas Patterns
      Free Christmas Crochet Patterns - Lots of unique holiday items to choose from here.
      Clothing Items
      Your kiddo will look adorable bundled up in one of these great crochet clothing craft projects!
      We have a great selection of unique and vintage, crocheted doilies for you. Choose your favorite pattern and get creative today.
      Doll Clothes
      Make great doll clothes for your kids!
      Holiday crochet patterns.
      Home Decor
      Great crafts to showcase around your home!
      Kitchen & Dining
      Crochet crafts for the kitchen and dining rooms.
      Miscellaneous Crochet Crafts
      Various crochet pattern projects that don't have a category of their own.
      Special Categories
      Special Crochet patterns and categories.

      Crochet - Free Crochet Patterns

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      3 Strand Crochet Headband
      Crochet a 3 Strand Headband with the free pattern from Dabbles & Babbles!
      3 Strand Flower Headband
      Crochet a 3 Strand Flower Headband with the free pattern from Craft Foxes!
      3D Wild Rose Snowflake
      Crochet a 3D Wild Rose Snowflake with the free pattern from Snow Catcher!
      4 Heart Square
      Crochet a 4 Heart Square with the free pattern from Hooks and Yarn!
      4-Leaf Clover Granny Square
      Crochet a 4-Leaf Clover Granny Square with the free pattern from Be A Crafter xD!
      4th of July Cozy
      Crochet this simple cozy to celebrate the 4th or to give as a Father's Day gift!
      5 Petal Tropical Crochet Flower
      Crochet a 5 Petal Tropical Flower with the free pattern from Little Monkeys Crochet!
      A Little Bit of Bling Shawl
      Please add my free pattern to your directory. Thank you. Best wishes, Marie
      Adeline Fingerless Mitts
      Crochet fingerless mitts with the free pattern from Crochet Dreamz!
      African Flower Hexagon
      Learn to crochet an African Flower Hexagon with Heidi Bears’ comprehensive tutorial!
      All Grown Up Arm Warmers
      Crochet All Grown Up Arm Warmers with the free pattern from Moogly!
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