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      Bead Crochet Patterns

      Bead Crochet Patterns
      Bead Crochet Patterns

      Free Bead Crochet Patterns and Projects - Lots of lovely and unique crocheted items to select from. We hope you enjoy these free patterns. Please take a moment to notify us of any broken or moved links. We greatly appreciate it.

      Note: Most links on this page will take you to another site.

      Beaded Crochet Patterns:

      Calypso Coasters: Colorful and bright. From Craftown.com

      Beaded Keepsake Purse: by; Shirley Strand of "Shefog's Crochet Workroom

      Crochet Beaded Doily: Unique and lovely. From Crochet Kitty

      Ann's Beaded Crochet: Lovely Amulet Bags

      Bare-Soled Sandals: Unique design, by: Elleni Drafts

      Black Beaded Choker: by Julie A. Bolduc

      Beaded Socks: Cute, from

      Bead Bracelet: Shown in white, from IPF Crochet Store

      Beaded Coaster: Quick and easy, from Angelmira

      Boutique Ring: Unique, from Web Archive

      Bookmark: Just lovely, from Web Archive

      Lidya's Leaves Necklace: Unique and lovely, from Bead Wrangler

      Pearl Bead Earrings: From IPF Crochet Store

      Rings and Things: A nice collection of easy projects. Jewelry, wine glass charms

      Sunburst Glass Cover: Unique and lovely, from IPF Crochet Store

      Seed Bead Necklace: Very colorful, from IPF Crochet Store

      Victorian Necklace: Simple and pretty, from The Librarian

      Beaded Christmas Projects:

      Beaded Angel Ornaments: Pretty tree or decor accents, from .

      Beaded Snowflake: Very dainty, from Karp Styles.

      Beaded Stuffed Star Ornament: Cute tree trimmer, from IPF Crochet Store.

      Highlight Snowflake: Delicate, from Dainty Crochet

      Little Holiday Tree: Delightful, from Crochet Workroom