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      Free Crafting and Needlework Articles

      Browse these informative how-to topics and read the article at your leisure. A nice variety of creative ideas and projects to make. Enjoy!


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      Bead Crochet
      "Many Uses Of Crochet Beads" By: Dannielle Mcculley It's easy to want to add lots of beads to a crochet project b ...
      Bead Embroidery: Express Your Creativity
      "Bead Embroidery: Express Your Creativity" Any form of beadwork signifies creativity and artistry. Bead embroidery is no different. Bu ...
      Beading Basics
      Beading Basics: What you Need to Know to Get Started Beading Stringing beads is a fun way to reduce stress and explore your creative side. Put a colorful necklace together or create a beauti ...
      Beads - A Brief History
          "Beads-A Brief History" by: Felicity Walker What do you think the earliest recorded use of beads is ??? is your first thought perhaps beadwork created by the Egyptians??? ...
      Beginner's Guide to Gauge
      Get the crochet scoop with this Beginner's Guide to Gauge from Trifles and Treasures!
      Creative Scrapbooking Can Be A Fun Filled Hobby
          Creative Scrapbooking Can Be A Fun Filled Hobby Creativity always finds an outlet and a person who is brimming with ideas will ...
      Custom Embroidery Tips
      by: George Royal There are important considerations you have to bear in mind before creating or ordering your own, custom embroidery designs ...
      Decoupage Ideas
      Decoupage is an easy craft and produces delightful results.
      Felting - Mastering The Art Of Wet Felting
          "Felting - Mastering The Art Of Wet Felting" Has your wet felting been less than satisfactory? Or maybe you haven't tried it y ...
      Lot's of totally free stuff for crafters here. Enjoy! ...
      Hand Knitting Angora Yarn
      "Hand Knitting Angora Yarn For Fine Knitwear You'll Love" The cold winter is just arou ...
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