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      Crafty Creations

      Free Craft Projects - General arts and crafts to make and provide creative ideas. Some are easy, others more challenging. Browse our unique selection for the perfect project for you. Enjoy!


      More Projects With Photos
      Various projects with high quality photos of the craft to help you along the way!
      New Projects & Photos
      New projects and crafts that have found their way into our craft library.
      Projects With Photos
      More projects with detailed photos to aid you as you recreate them for yourself.
      Projects Without Photos
      Some projects that we have yet to get photos up for.
      Special Crafts Categories
      Special craft instructions and how-tos.
      Upcycle Crafts
      Free Upcycle/Repurpose themed craft projects. Lots of unique ideas and items to create.

      Crafty Creations

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      2x4 Pumpkins
      Create a 2x4 pumpkins with the free tutorial from Sassy Sanctuary!
      Anthology Ruffled Scarf
      Sew an Anthology Ruffled Scarf with the free tutorial from Scattered Thoughts of A Crafty Mom!
      Art Deco Serving Dish
      Create an art deco serving dish with the free tutorial from Marigolds’ Loft!
      Autumn Gnomes
      Create adorable autumn gnomes with the free tutorial from The Magic Onions!
      Baby Bonnet
      This is a fun lil' Spring/ Summer bonnet pattern to make for that special lil' cutie!
      Baby Sailor Skirt
      Sew an adorable baby sailor skirt using the free tutorial from Sew Much Ado!
      Barn Wood Flag
      Create an Americana decor accent piece in minutes with our free wood craft idea!
      Basic Bead Crafts for Kids
      Create a piece of wooden jewelry with the free tutorial from Pandahall!
      Basic Wire Jewelry Making Project
      Create a charm necklace with the free tutorial from Pandahall!
      Beach Theme Candles
      Create a set of beach themed candles with the free tutorial from Today’s Creative Blog!
      Beaded Jewelry Set Tutorial
      Create a beaded jewelry set with this free tutorial from PandaHall!
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