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      Angel Crafts

      You will find many beautiful, angel crafts to make here. Some are easy and others more challenging, but all are enlightening and enjoyable.  Choose your favorite Angel craft project and get creative today. Enjoy!

      Free Angel Craft Projects and Patterns

      Angel Crafts

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      Angel Pin
      "Angel Pin (Angel in White)" - Free Craft Project Thi ...
      Angel Face Ornament
      Angel Face Ornament - craft project This angel face doll pattern was Ki ...
      Angel Greeting
      "Angel Greeting" - Free Craft Project Each square = 1" ...
      Angel With Star
      "Angel With Star" - Free Craft Project Kindly Contribut ...
      Angel Craft
      Angel Craft Links Angel Ornament Cute little angel ornament project. Seashell ...
      Angel Cross Stitch
      This pretty cross stitch pattern would make a perfect gift. Whether you make a framed cross stitch or turn it into a pillow, or find some ot ...
      Angel Dishcloth Pattern
      Try this crochet pattern to brighten up your kitchen for the holidays!
      Angelic Sweatshirt
      Free Angel Craft Projects - Angelic Angel Sweatshirt Kindly contribute ...
      Beaded Angel
      "Beaded Angel" - Free Craft Project Materials: Glue ...
      Bell Angel Ornament
      This Bell Angel Ornament is a fun crochet project that makes a beautiful ornament for Christmas.
      Chenille Stem Angel Finger Puppet
      Make several of these cute little angel crafts and have a puppet show while you are waiting for Christmas dinner! These are easy to make and ...
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